The AbanoRitz is a holiday location, Health Spa, and Wellness area but it is especially about SERVICE

thanks to our employees who, through their professionalism, courtesy, and enthusiasm, welcome, assist, and care for every Guest. Over 65 people care for over 50,000 visitors per year from every part of the world, who choose us and favour us by coming back, certain that ours is the most precious commodity: TIME, time for yourself, time rediscovered.

These are their faces:

AbanoRitz owners and management: Ida and Terry Poletto
For us, tradition is a value and our goal is to produce value and not just business. A career and a vocation, a heredity: generations of hoteliers. A matriarchy, strong personalities, definite imprinting, the sign of a past that becomes history. A generational change slipped into without too many bumps. A changing world: lifestyles that squash the concept of holiday; a virtual society that with its globalization has transformed tourism; historical and environmental events that are transversal and tangential to tourism, that change the tourist routes; continuously evolving travel motivations and destinations. A hotel-company, a hotel-house: a strange blend, far from standardization that believes in hospitality and welcome

Terry and Ida:
daughters, mothers, and sisters....there have never been sisters like this. Working together is an excellent training ground. Terry has scientific training and Ida has a humanistic background. They are different, like night and day, yet complementary. Aware that their diversity is an asset, they appreciate each other's characteristics. Both curious, they grew through comparison and sharing. Terry takes care of each and every purchase and therefore the suppliers, events, maintenance, and restyling of the AbanoRitz. Ida is the sole director and takes care of sales, marketing, and human resources. The POLETTO sisters are two fighters who become engaged every day in their territory. They are two women who were able to maintain a balance between tradition and progress, heart and brain, because high employment and good on-line reviews are not enough, you have to believe in and love your work.



AbanoRitz Spa Wellfeeling Resort Italy - Abano Terme, Padova - Via Monteortone, 19
Tel. +39 049 8633100 - Fax +39 049 667549 - Direct booking +39 049 8633444 / 5
E-mail: - Skype address: Abanoritz
S.I.R.A. Srl - P.Iva 00333440287

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