White Gloves Restaurant

The awakening of the senses includes the pleasure of good cuisine

A prized collection of plates from the 1800s are displayed on the walls of the dining room. This is an invitation, a sort of clue to the history of a vocation for good food because we have always preferred quality over quantity.


Our staff, who will serve you with white gloves

understands the importance of this sociable time. An elegant yet warm and welcoming atmosphere.

At both lunch and dinner you can enjoy a buffet of salads and raw and cooked vegetables, with a choice of oils and vinegars.

The luncheon and dinner menus

vary daily: the starter is proposed by the Chef and for each meal you can choose from the various choices of first dishes, main dishes, and desserts.

Pasta and soups, fish every day, and red and white meat. The best traditional recipes alternate with international dishes. There is a cheese trolley and every day a different dessert, seasonal fruit, fresh fruit salad, ice cream, sorbet, or baked apples with cinnamon...

Special Evenings

during the year, particularly during holidays, and the most significant festivals, with themed luncheons with great atmosphere and spectacular dinners.

On Thursday evening, in particular, we invite you to a romantic dinner by candlelight with a rich and refined menu offered by our kitchen and Chef Capesciotti.

Well-being culture

AbanoRitz is a residential hotel and believes in the culture of well-being embracing a healthy nutrition, which is also a pleasure of the senses and expresses a varied cuisine which combines innovation and tradition.
Vegetarian dishes are clearly marked. We are careful to the needs and requirements of those who are looking for gluten-free dishes. Inform us of your dietary needs or allergies right away.
If you wish to keep it light, you can choose the Light Menu for low calorie dishes.

Bacco & Co.

The rich selection of the wine menu represents all of the Italian regions, with particular attention paid to labels from Veneto and the Colli Euganei (Euganean Hills).

The daily menu suggests wines to pair with the dishes.


For our smallest guests

Upon request, our staff will offer alternatives for your little princes and princesses and ice cream is guaranteed 365 days a year!

Ask them to heat up bottles and baby food: you just relax and enjoy your dinner. We have highchairs available for our smallest guests.


Bed and breakfast

Even if you choose bed and breakfast accommodations, we invite you to try our cuisine:

You can choose one dish (ask for the a la carte menu) or taste the complete meal (4 courses starting from €39.00)
We also have a GRAND MENU for more demanding palates.



AbanoRitz Spa Wellfeeling Resort Italy - Abano Terme, Padova - Via Monteortone, 19
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E-mail: abanoritz@abanoritz.it - Skype address: Abanoritz
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