ELEMENTS: We return to embrace Nature and its Elements

PROMOTION 7NIGHTS, PAY6: take your time, we give you a free day per week
Against typical season tiredness and the stress of these last events, we invite you at the AbanoRitz to reload Energies, refund the Serenity, take care of the Body rebalancing the Mind.

Our 4 Wellness paths - Water, Air, Earth, Fire – are available from the 13th of August until the 13th of December 2020.
“Elements”are 4 different goals of preventive health with a common denominator: one free night!
Water, elementary component, is an essential principle seen as way of regeneration. Water in the shape of steam arises in the sky and it gets impregnated of astral energies. Later it comes back in the shape of rain on Earth fertilizing it and finally flows underground caressed by Fire to gush as thermal water.
Goal: cellular renew – against retention, heaviness and swelling
• 7 Nights, 1 of them for FREE, including our RitzVital & RitzLife services
• Half board
• 3 Hydro Lymphatic Massages in thermal bath with ozone therapy
• 1 Bamboo Massage 55 min.
• 3 Cupping Massage 55 min.
In Elegant Double room starting from € 1044,00
€ 887,40 per person
The element Air is living energy associated to breath, what yogi people call “prana” and thaoists call “chi”. The Air circulates and penetrates the Earth, it makes the Fire burns and it sticks to Water with whom it mixes. The Air is free and concentrated on theories. The world of archetypes ideas belongs to the Air.
Goal: disinfection of respiratory tracts and prevention of different allergies / pathologies linked to this period of the year
• 7 Nights, 1 of them for FREE, including our RitzVital & RitzLife services
• Half board
• Medical advice
• 6 aerosols
• 3 mud applications in order to prevent the ENT infections
In Elegant Double room starting from € 835,00
€ 709,75 per person
The Earth is the element of all nature. The Earth is maternal and nourishing at the same time; and also concrete, strong and powerful. Fertile and creative. In order to enrich the symbolic and venturing meaning of the Earth, the natural forces part of it give their contribution. The Earth is so equipped of an almost magic power.
Goal: prevent and fight the pains of the change of season, especially stimulating the develop of serotonin and immune defences.
• 7 Nights, 1 of them for FREE, including our RitzVital & RitzLife services
• Half board
• Medical advice for the admission to the thermal protocol
• 4 thermal mud with ozone bath DOC
• 2 therapeutic massages 25 min. muscle relaxing
• 2 physiotherapeutic massages 40 min. decontracting
In Elegant Double room starting from € 1045
€ 888,25 per person
Fire is the natural link between microcosm and macrocosm. It is a dynamic element as it generates mutations: the energy which comes out from fire if living principle. Fire is a symbolic element important in many traditions and religions in addition to have been fundamental for the birth and the develop of civilization. Fire is known as synonym of energy, grit and passion and it is associated at the number 1.
Goal: beauty first of all. Wellness and aesthetic: feeling beautiful means feeling well and feeling well means feeling beautiful
• 7 Nights, 1 of them for FREE, including our RitzVital & RitzLife services
• Half board
• 1 Scrub: tailored skin to take away toxins and grayness
• 1 Stone therapy: relax and wellness massages
• 1 Skin Elements: face personalised treatment
In Elegant Double room starting from € 872,00
€ 741,20 per person
Our stay proposition can be booked as well with the full board and in all our kind of rooms. Enter in our booking system, check the availability and, if you want, you may get a longer vacation of health and wellness changing the departure day.
We stay at your disposal for more information and personalized packs, with a special price. We invite you to contact us: phone +39 049 8633444 – email: abanoritz@abanoritz.it
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