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From 6 January to 26 March 2020: forget winter and keep yourself warm between our spa and hot springs! We at the AbanoRitz are ready to welcome you and pamper you with our tailor-made holiday offers and… a very special price to start the new year in the best possible way.
Tailor-made for Best Agers
In the depth of winter, with the holidays gone, you need a full stock of positive energy: getting your fill of health, well-being and optimism is the main goal of a holiday at the spa; for the silver generation, feeling good is much more important than not feeling bad. The heat produced by hot springs, in fact, relaxes the muscles and improves circulation while mud baths have many health benefits to the body: they enhance the remineralisation of bone tissue and the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue.
Prevention & Detox: hot springs and mud baths to prevent and reduce bone and joint pain. Pure clay is also excellent against stress: it can fight it and it also improves circulation and detoxifies the body. Our special mud stimulates blood circulation and increases oxygenation, giving energy and vitality.
Our stay program with therapeutic protocol offers:
• 6 nights in the “Elegant” double room, half board and all our services included
• Medical examination for admission to mud treatments
• 6 applications of special thermal mud + thermal bath in ozonated water
• 3 physiotherapy sessions (40 mins)
• 3 spa massages (25 mins)
Starting from € 1.155,00 € 1.053,00 per person
Tailor-made for Business People
Everyone talks about stress but its meaning is different for all of us, as different are the relaxation methods that everyone uses to combat it. We believe in the importance of listening: listening to one’s own body and its needs, embracing positive thinking and, more than anything else, understanding the importance of self care. A spa resort is the ideal place: we know what we are saying as we have more than half a century of experience.
Total Relaxation is the package dedicated to those who want to treat themselves to four days of full relaxation, those who know the difference between a spa and hot springs and know that we even have to cool down our thermal water because it comes out at 87 °C from the spring. This package’s flagships are the beautiful indoor semi-Olympic swimming pool and the possibility to swim under the stars in the outdoor swimming pool but above all the professionalism of our therapists who know how to combine western techniques (ask for Marco or Denis) with oriental ones (ask about our Thai massage therapist Shanya!)
Our stay program with therapeutic protocol offers:
• 4 nights in the “Elegant” single room without extras, half board and all our services included
• 3 softening and relaxing massages of 55 mins.
Starting from € 648 € 600 per person
Tailor made for Women
It would seem that we just want to praise ourselves but, that’s right, the AbanoRitz is a real matriarchy. All in all, it is the story of a hotel which has always believed in female hospitality. We like saying that this hotel is like a home, but please allow us to treat you like in a 5-star hotel. Therefore, time for ego-therapy and the three rules: rest well, eat well, treat yourself well.
A package which does not involve too many days but it is necessary to be very dedicated to completely relax body and mind. Thermal water enriched with ozone has an intense vasodilating action which, combined with the effective techniques of our experts, guarantees light legs and an intense feeling of well-being.
Our stay program with therapeutic protocol offers:
• 5 nights in the “MiniRoom MaxiLove” double room, half board and all our services included
• 3 hydrolinfo baths in a thermal bath with ozone therapy
• 2 body massages with draining action of 55 mins.
Starting from € 689 per person
Tailor made for Family
A place and a destination to enjoy the time spent together: a holiday with the children but also a spa experience with the parents.
Special is the package dedicated to those who know that a holiday at the spa is good for all ages. Those who choose us know that scientific research has proven that mud therapy fights different pains and ageing, enhancing the rebalancing of bone tissue metabolism and remineralisation. Special is the package for those who like to experience a pleasant feeling of well-being with their family and believe in the importance of prevention.
Our stay program with treatments offers:
• 6 nights in “Special” Room, full board with one or two extra beds (maximum 2 + 2 beds)
• Children below 12 free (with 2 paying adults)
• Family treatment package, consisting of a short medical check-up, 4 mud baths with ozonated thermal baths for each parent, and 2 massages for children and teenagers
Starting from € 2.828 € 1.900 for the whole package
Our available Spa packages can also be booked with full board and in our different types of rooms. Enter our booking system, check availability and, if you wish, extend your health and wellness holiday by changing the departure date.
We are at your disposal for more information and customised packages at very affordable prices. Please contact us: Tel +39 049 8633444 – email:
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